Why must we act?

Climate change is a problem, which involves everyone. The effects of climate change are visible around the world. Every economy based on coal, oil and gas is a contributor to the problem. Every day we emit vast amounts of greenhouse gasses from burning fossil fuels. We pollute the air we breath and the water we drink. Every single country, including Poland is obligated to reach climate neutrality.

Economics also plays an important role. Coal is becoming economically unsound, thus systematically its exploitation will be slowing down. Unfortunately, this issue is often disregarded due to our shortsightedness. It is worth think about “what’s next?”. There are energy sources, which exist in our everyday lives, yet we don’t notice them. Wind, water, the Sun – these clean sources of energy are already within our reach. Many countries around the world is slowly resigning from coal, gas and oil in order to switch to the responsible development of renewable energy source, which nature has to offer.

In contrary to popular opinion, the transformation towards renewable energy is not just the domain of rich countries or countries, where the “the sun shines best”.

Such a perspective brings much more advantages than staying in the current energy structure. Some of the most valuable profits stemming from the use of renewable energy along with energy efficiency and green innovations, include economic gain,healthier society, cleaner environment, energy security and sustainable development.

Climate action is not only needed for environmental causes, but it is also a chance for our own development.