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The Tipping Point. Energy aNew

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The first Polish feature film about climate change and the inevitable energy revolution. The film is directed by documentary filmmaker Łukasz Bluszcz, and producer WWF Poland. The creators in a clear way show why the climate is suddenly changing and what challenges our civilization is facing.

We find out what is disrupting the Earth’s climate and what the consequences of such disruption are. Is there a future based on coal and oil, can we deal with smog and what must happen to prevent a tragedy similar to that of the great extinction? The response to these and many other intriguing questions is sought by actor Marcin Dorociński.

The whole world, and so also Poland, are faced with the threat of floods, drought, lack of drinking water and food. Warm radiators in the winter, ice cream in the summer, lighting, water in the tap, quick and easy transportation: if we don’t want to give all of this up, we will need to produce and use energy in a different way. That’s why attention is also focused on the issue of alternative energy sources and about the problems of their supporters in Poland.

The film warns, but above all else, offers solutions to help stop the oncoming catastrophe. These changes are already happening; they are also visible in Poland. We are at their Tipping Point.




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