• We’ve produced a movie called „The Tipping” which you can view on this page. Our Film is the first document in Poland showing in such tangible and professional way the issue of climate change. Fully fact-based, it explaines the phenomenon in terms understandable to every layman. The economic, social and political background is clearly explained. After watching The Tipping Point representatives of every target group are able to see and understand the array of complicated connections leading to the fact that implementing climate policy consistent with EU targets in Poland creates a challenge. At the same time, the film and the report provide a large number of examples of how anyone can get involved in changing this state of affairs. The film won the GREEN WARSAW AWARD for the best ecological film at the Docs Against Gravity festival.

Movie Roadshow

  • The movie was screened as part of free shows in 8 Polish cities as well as during special screenings in Berlin and Brussels.

Campaign in traditional and online media

  • The film and issues related to climate policy were promoted during the information campaign on the radio, TV, Social Media and during meetings with experts. In addition, a series of episodes was broadcasted on Discovery channel reaching over 8 million viewers.

Report on climate change and solutions that can be implemented in Poland

  • The report “Friendly Development of Poland” was the basis for the work on the movie, as well as educational activities in the project. Our report comes with a list of references including over 400 sources, allowing the reader to further explore the issues of climate change, emissions, alternative paths of development, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport , electromobility, climate policy, finances and consumption patterns.

Study of the results and opinion polls on the perception of issues related to energy in Poland

  • All materials that were created in the project can be downloaded in the “Downloads” section.