Thanks to our activities, we have achieved following results:

  • The attitudes of Poles (based on a study group) towards pro-climate policy actions undertaken by the European Union has become more positive. While in 2016, 78% of Poles supported such measures, in 2018 this number increased by 7 percentage points. We also observed that the support for renewable energy sources development in Poland – originally very high as the vast majority of Poles (90-95%) believe that in the coming years, the development of renewed energy and energy efficiency should be a primal concern – remained stable.
  • Over 8 million unique viewers watched one of 10 short episodes of our movie. The movies were promoted in the television channel network.
  • Via internet, we reached over 10 million people with our message, using such channels as: blogs, Facebook, newsletter.
  • Over 15 million people have come across project products on radio, television or public transport.
  • During the promotion of the movie and the debates organized on this occasion, we ensured the opportunity to exchange opinions for 2,600 people.