We are in the “Tipping Point”. What’s next?!

We are in the “Tipping Point”. What’s next?!

Does the future based on coal have a raison d’etre? Why do we so badly suffer from smog? How to effectively reduce the level of air pollution? Does purchasing bananas affect the climate? Why are there no traffic jams in Berlin? And will climate change make us climate refugees? The answers to the above and other, very intriguing questions can be found in the latest movie “Tipping Point – Energy aNew”. The actor, Marcin Dorociński will be searching for them. The creator of the document is the WWF Poland Foundation. The film director is documentalist Łukasz Bluszcz. Polish premiere will be held on May 14th in Warsaw.

“The Tipping Point – Energy aNew” is the first Polish full-length documentary film and ten-part docu-series on climate change and the inevitable energy revolution. The creators show why the climate is suddenly changing and what challenges we face. We learn what caused the climate balance on Earth to be shaken and what are the consequences. The film also answers questions: is it possible to deal with the smog? What is the carbon footprint of the tomato and what must happen so that there is no tragedy to the extent of the dinosaur extermination? There is a flood, drought, lack of drinking water and food in the world and in Poland. The film also draws attention to the issue of alternative energy sources and the problems our country is facing with their supporters. The document not only warns, but also proposes solutions on how we can help stop the oncoming catastrophe. These changes are already occurring, and for both Poland and ourselves, this is the Tipping Point.

The film and series of episodes were directed by Łukasz Bluszcz, director and screenwriter of programs and documentaries for Discovery, BBC and Al Jazeera English, such as: Przystanek Bieszczady, Chopin Reloaded, Był Bunt. The narrator of the film is Marcin Dorociński, who once again participates in the project for the protection of the natural environment. The executive producer of the project is Vision HouseProductions – a production house, which creates for more than ten years documentaries and programs for Polish and foreign television stations.

The film’s premiere will take place at the opening of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival in Warsaw on May 14th at 15 pm at Kinoteka in PKIN. It is the largest documentary film festival in Poland and the third most popular documentary film festival in Europe. It is also the only festival in Europe, which on such a large scale takes place in parallel in several cities. In addition to the shows at the festival, “The Tipping Point – Energy aNew” will be available in eight Polish cities: Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Szczecin, Gdansk and Bydgoszcz and two abroad: Berlin and Brussels. Out-of-festival performances will take place as part of free demonstrations, which can be registered on energiaodnowa.pl/en/film. After every film display, a debate will be held with experts on the future of Poland in the world moving away from coal and other fossil fuels. The episodes of the documentary series will be available on Discovery Polska this autumn.

The movie “The Tipping Point – Energy  aNew” was created as part of a campaign launched by the WWF Poland “Energy aNew”. “Our production is clearly showing that we are at the epicenter of climate change, “says Tobiasz Adamczewski, climate expert and campaign coordinator at WWF Poland. “We want the Poles to know and understand what is going on around them and the impact each of us has on climate protection. The purpose of the campaign is to show that pursuing responsible climate policy, including the development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and other innovations, will be beneficial for us, “Adamczewski adds.

Film production is part of the project “Energy aNew”. The partners of the project are: Institute for Sustainable Development, National Agency for Energy Conservation, Institute of Renewable Energy. The campaign’s PR is handled by First Aid Communication.

This film was funded under a project co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Only WWF Poland Foundation is responsible for this content.