From July 30th on all Discovery channels, you will see a series of episodes entitled “The Tipping Point”. This is a continuation and expansion of the film entitled “The Tipping Point. Energy aNew “- the first Polish feature film on climate change and the inevitable energy revolution.

The film presents the current environmental situation in the world – the occurrence of climate change and their cause – human activity. The series, consisting 10 episodes, is an in-depth analysis of the issues shown in the film. In the episode we talk about renewable energy, air pollution, solutions that should be introduced in Poland. It also demonstrates how each one of us can prevent the progressive environmental degradation and catastrophe, by changing our way of life.

A series of episodes was created as part of a campaign initiated by WWF Polska, like the film. It was directed by Łukasz Bluszcz. The narrator in the episodes is Marcin Dorociński.

The series launch begins July 30, 2017 in Discovery channels, including: Discovery History, Discovery Science, Discovery Life, DTX, Animal Planet, TLC, ID. Premiere episodes will be held every two weeks:

Climate change – July 30
Solar Energy – August 13
Conscious Consumption – August 27th
The Demise of Coal – September 10th
Food Revolution – September 24th
Wind energy – 1 October
The alternative transport – October 8th
Energy at our homes – October 15th
Do you Pollute? Then pay! – 22 October
Poisonous air – October 29

The whole movie “The Tipping Point. Energy aNew “coming soon on YouTube.