Discovery Poland will direct a film for Energy aNew Project

Discovery Poland will direct a film for Energy aNew Project

Discovery Poland won the tender for the production of a feature-length documentary and a series of episodes for the educational project Energy aNew. Both the film and the documentary series will be about Poland – a country which has great potential to develop into a climate-friendly country with clean air. On November 25 WWF Poland signed the agreement with Discovery Poland.

“Our research shows that the vast majority of citizens see the rationale of implementing climate policy in Poland, and they are right. However, there are fears that Poland cannot afford to protect the natural environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Together with our partners we want to show, not only in the movie but also during the whole campaign, that the use of renewables combined with energy efficiency and innovation (such as electrification of vehicles and smart grids) can bring huge economic, health and environmental benefits, and furthermore can provide energy security and sustainable development of the country.” – says Tobiasz Adamczewski from WWF Poland.

The film’s premiere is planned for May 2017. Episodes of the documentary series will be broadcasted on the Discovery network in autumn of 2017.

“We are proud of our commitment to such an important project. The idea behind this project is very dear to us. Discovery has been working for some time with the WWF at the global level. We are pleased that our production team will be able to use their international experience and show the environmental issues in a completely innovative way “- adds Jacek Szymczyk, Ad Sales Director, Discovery Poland.

The film will be directed by Łukasz Bluszcz, director and screenwriter of programs and documentaries for Discovery, BBC and Al Jazeera English – for example Przystanek Bieszczady, Chopin Reloaded, Był Bunt. VisionHouse company will be responsible for the productions.

About WWF For over 55 years as an international environmental organization – WWF protects wildlife around the world. The foundation’s mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment of our planet and shaping a future in which mankind lives in harmony with nature. WWF protects wildlife in Poland since 2001. The organization works to save endangered species and protect the largest Polish predators (wolf, lynx, bear and the Baltic mammals – seals and the harbour porpoise) and their natural habitats. WWF promotes sustainable fisheries, agriculture, and works to stop mitigate climate change. WWF fights against the illegal trade of endangered species of plants and animals.

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