How to talk about climate change to reach the people

How to talk about climate change to reach the people

“Report on reaching out with the message to the target group” was published as the part of the project “Energy aNew” was published on January 27. The publication answers the questions: how to promote pro-environmental policy and renewable energy in Poland and how to motivate people to act?

Convincing people to get involved in the pro-environmental activities is not an easy task. Even limitation the negative impact of behavior on the natural environment is a great achievement. The document created by Dr. Adrian Wójcik and Professor Katarzyna Byrka presents the current state of consciousness of Poles, their attitudes and views on energy production technology and climate policy.

“We prepared a handbook on how to effectively communicate information about ecology and environmental policy. It is addressed to officials and social activists involved in ecology, scientists, and finally ordinary people who care about nature. “- says Dr. Adrian Wójcik, a social psychologist, involved in the project “Energy aNew”- ” Based on the latest research we wanted to answer why people get involved or not in ecological activities.”

Unfortunately, even well-prepared public awareness campaigns may not be effective and do not produce satisfactory results. Despite well-defined environmental problems, it is hard to get the message to consumers, that’s why the way of communication is so important.

The report shows that Poles positively perceive renewables and see the energy future of our country in it. People have a much different opinion on the conventional energy sources. In their view, gas, oil and coal should not be the foundation of the Polish energy sector. Therefore, future communication activities should not focus on changing the already positive image of renewable energy.

Dynamic climate change is one of the biggest ecological problems, which constitutes a major challenge for mankind. Despite much evidence of climate change, ¼ of Poles is not convinced of the existence of this phenomenon. What’s more, 42% of the public believes that the problem of climate change is primarily used to obtain material benefits for big business. We should concentrate on showing local benefits of the implementation of climate policy.

“Today’s ecological crisis can only be solved through a common action. We hope that our report will support in motivating people to engage in pro-environmental actions. ” – adds Adrian Wojcik.

The campaign of the project “Energy aNew” will be directed at changing people’s attitudes, to increase the frequency of pro-environmental behavior. It will be oriented on how people’s behavior affects the natural environment, not what people think.