Does man really affect the climate? How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while shopping? Why our homes are energy vampires? How to make sure there are no traffic jams on Polish roads? You only need 5 minutes a week to know and understand all these important issues. From September 24th, every Sunday, on the YouTube channel WWF Poland will be premiering one of the ten episodes of the series “The Tipping Point” realized within the framework of the project “Energy aNew”.


“The Tipping Point” series is designed to show what awaits us in the years to come, if nothing changes in our approach to energy and the environment. Thanks to the ten episodes, we will know whether the future based on carbon and oil is real. The whole world is putting renewable energies – will Poland also go in this direction?

Contrary to appearances, decisions and actions are within the reach of ordinary people, for example, by choosing representatives of the authorities or by their daily habits, which may change, and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment. Thanks to the”The Tipping Point” series, we will learn what to eat and what not to reduce your carbon footprint, how to procuce less trash and where does the oil come from which drives our car? Episodes are not focused on what will happen in the distant future, but it shows today a real and unfortunately bad situation, which, if not changed, will bring us a catastrophe. Thanks to WWF, we will learn how our neighbors manage to move away from fossil fuels and what young scientists are working on to revolutionize the world of energy.

The whole project “Energy aNew” focuses on making Poles aware of the end of the oil and coal era, we need to move on to other, more efficient and secure sources of energy such as wind or sun, “says Tobias Adamczewski, climate and energy expert from WWF Poland. This problem is practically absent in the media and politics, and it is the last moment to start working, because we are at the Tipping Point. 

“The Tipping Point” series is the next part of “Energy aNew” project implemented by the WWF Foundation and  partners. Previously a full-length document was created “”The Tipping Point. Energy aNew”. The film’s premiere took place at Millenium Docs Against Gravity, then presented in 8 Polish cities and abroad as part of the Roadshow.

Research (1) has shown that the film effectively convinces consumers about the reality of climate change and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.

The “Critical Point” series deepens the themes of the film, such as climate change, renewable energy, conscious consumption, food revolution, alternative transport, carbon black and smog. In every episode we meet Marcin Dorocinski, who is also a narrator. The series was directed by Lukasz Bluszcz – director and screenwriter of programs and documentaries for Discovery, BBC or Al Jazeera English. The executive producer of the project is Vision House Productions. The partners of the project “Renewable Energy” are: Institute for Sustainable Development, National Agency for Energy Conservation, Institute of Renewable Energy. PR is responsible for First Aid Communication.

YouTube episodes premier schedule:

  • Food Revolution – September 24th
  • Wind energy –  October 1st
  • The alternative transport – October 8th
  • Energy at our homes – October 15th
  • Do you Pollute? Then pay! –  October 22nd
  • Poisonous air – October 29th
  • The Demise of Coal – November 5th
  • Solar Energy – November 12th
  • Climate change – November 19th
  • Conscious consumption – November 26th

(1) Research conducted in August this year by Katarzyna Byrka (SWPS) and Adriana Wójcik (Nicolaus Copernicus University).