A lesson on smog? No problem!

A lesson on smog? No problem!

A new website has appeared in the Internet with a lot of useful information about smog and the means of fighting it. Its recipients are to be children, parents, teachers and people conducting smog trainings in Poland.

The information was provided in a very accessible and clear way, thanks to which both the younger recipients as well as teenagers can enjoy it. It is interactive and has sound effects.

The materials for conducting anti-smog classes were prepared for teachers, including: ready-made lesson plans, knowledge base and supporting materials (films, creative materials, an interactive book for children aged 4-8), all adapted to the age group of the recipients.

The website can also be a great resource for parents struggling to explain to kids what the dangers associated with air quality are.

LINK TO THE SITE: http://smog.edu.pl/

The website is launched by Krakowski Alarm Smogowy as part of the project “Implementation of the Air Protection Program for the Małopolska Province – Małopolska w zdrowej atmosferze” / LIFE-IP MALOPOLSKA / LIFE14 IPE PL 021 co-financed from the EU LIFE Program.