Expert debate organized by WWF and the Representation of the European Commission in Poland

Expert debate organized by WWF and the Representation of the European Commission in Poland

2018 is a special year for Poland’s climate and energy policy. We are waiting for Energy Strategy publication. The renewable energy sources (RES) act was amended and the act on fuel quality standards have passed the legislation for the very first time in history.

The increasing social pressure on the problem of air pollution makes politicians consider this a priority. It is also the year of the climate summit in Katowice, COP24, under the Polish presidency.

Will we use this opportunity to enter the path to a low-emission economy?


As the culmination of the 2-year activities of the Energia odNowa project, implemented by WWF Polska, Institute for Sustainable Development, Institute for Renewable Energy and National Energy Conservation Agency, we invited experts and policy makers from the area of ​​energy and climate to discuss this topic in the “round table” formula. The event took place in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission in Poland.

During the meeting the following topics were discussed:

  • What changes have we observed in the RES market over the last two years?
  • Will the amendment of the RES Act open new opportunities for sector development?
  • Is the Clean Air program a real breakthrough in the fight against smog?
  • Is high public support for climate policy a chance?
  • How to make best of the climate summit in Poland?

These questions were answered by, among others, Minister Andrzej Kaźmierski from the Ministry of Energy, and Piotr Woźny, plenipotentiary of the Polish Prime Minister for clean air.

The discussion was moderated by Edwin Bendyk from the weekly Polityka, as well as Bartłomiej Derski from Wysokie Napięcie portal. There was a very interesting exchange of views and knowledge, as well as a lively discussion. Representatives of the renewable energy industry emphasized the need to change the legislative situation, which is blocking the development of the industry. Thanks to the presence of the representative of the Ministry of the Environment, we learned what are the most important challenges facing the organization of the Climate Summit and how the role of Poland is perceived.

In the matter of fightinh air pollution, the forecasts are more optimistic than in the above-mentioned topics. Minister Woźny assured us that financial means are in place, we just need to ensure good coordination between different levels of management to use them properly.

During the meeting, thanks to the films produced in the project, we could look back at the situation of smog and renewable energy in Poland and together consider what has changed in the last two years.

We are convinced that such a formula of dialogue between decision-makers, representatives of business, science and non-governmental organizations should become important part of our operation.