Picnic with Climate “Poznan – Warsaw – Katowice – from words to action”.

Picnic with Climate “Poznan – Warsaw – Katowice – from words to action”.

On the 2nd September next to the Royal Castle  in Warsaw eleventh edition of Picnic with Climate took place. The event’s theme referred to this year UN Climate Summit in Katowice: COP24. The event title was: “Poznan – Warsaw – Katowice – from words to action”.

Picnic with Climate is yearly ecological and cultural event that aims to educate and raise awareness of Warsaw’s citizens about climate change issues.

The range of activities was wide and could please younger and older residents of Warsaw. Photography fans had an opportunity to visit unique atelier “Us versus smog”, DIY enthusiasts could build an insect house or take part in a small competition on assembling computers on time. Kids had an occasion to learn how to safely ride a bike and together with their parents see how the water treatment process in different conditions looks like. In the meantime, food lovers could try an organic coffee and small sweats.

Guests could broaden their knowledge on climate while listening to the expert talk with scientist, professor and author of many publications on climate change, resources and energy – Marcin Popkiewicz and Climate and Energy Policy Officer from WWF Poland – Marta Anczewska. They talked about UN Climate Summit in Katowice that will take place in December.

The “Energy in our house” one of the episodes from the “Tipping Point” series was broadcasted on the main screen.

Under the tent of the WWF Poland visitors received the advice on how to buy fish and seafood responsibly to prevent overfishing.

Moreover, Warsaw’s citizens could extend their knowledge of the impacts of climate change present all around the world and learn how their diet affects the climate.

Younger guests had fun with painting while their parents could relax in our tent. Additionally, WWF Poland encouraged to sign the petition #RatujmyFoki intended to rescue seals from being killed along the polish coast and to implement necessary measures minimizing conflict between fisherman and seals. You can sign the petition HERE !